Call for Papers(二)

2017-07-05 23:26:29

The journal Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics (GPB) is now inviting submissions to a special issue (to be published in the Fall of 2017) on the topic of ‘‘Microbiome and Health’’.

In the era of precision medicine, the human‘‘2 nd genome’’, namely the human microbiome, is of increasing interest worldwide. Firstly, the human microbiome has been linked to various diseases including metabolic diseases, cancers, heart diseases, or brain disorders, and autoimmune diseases. Secondly, changes in the microbiome are known or hypothesized to be proxies for environmental or host phenotypical changes. Thirdly, the rational alteration of disturbed human microbial communities could possibly lead to health benefits, e.g., during disease treatment. However, studies of the human microbiome frequently involve large amounts of data, thus rendering analyses for possible links with host phenotypes challenging. Modern experimental techniques, such as high-throughput sequencing, and advanced computational techniques, such as deep learning, provide excellent opportunities (1) to develop new and efficient approaches for data analysis, (2) to mine microbiological data for important ecological or evolutionary patterns, and (3) to further understand potential associations between the human microbiome and disease.

To highlight cutting-edge studies and progress in this area, we are pleased to announce a special issue on ‘‘Microbiome and Health’’ in GPB, which will publish a set of research articles and review papers focusing on human microbiome and its application in healthcare. Dr. Kang Ning from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Dr. Yigang Tong from the Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology, the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences are Guest Editors of this issue.

The topics may include (but are not be limited to):

• Databases for microbiome data integration and comparison

• Computational methods for accurate species and sub-species identification from microbiome data

• Discovery of species biomarkers through evaluation of human microbiome samples

• Computational methods for functional metagenomics

• Applications in human gut microbiome analyses and interpretations

• Applications in microbiome analyses on other human body sites

• Understanding the association of the human microbiome with health such as brain activities

• Understanding the association of the human microbiome with diseases such as heart disease

• New techniques for microbiome sample preparation and data analysis

Original studies, reviews, methods, application notes, etc. are all welcome. The portfolio will be open for incoming manuscripts until August 31, 2017. Accepted submissions will be published free of charge.

Manuscripts should be submitted online at Please indicate that the submission is for this special issue. The detailed Guide for Authors is available on this website as well, with manuscript template and EndNote Output style template provided.

For further information, please contact us:

Dr. Ning (;

Yigang Tong (;

Editorial Office (

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