Call for Papers(四)

2017-07-05 23:26:31

We are very pleased to announce a special issue, to be published in Summer 2018, on ‘‘Plant Genomics’’ in the journal Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics (GPB).

The development of genomics has greatly accelerated and even renovated the plant research. The sequencing of plant genomes has greatly facilitated the research on gene functions. The multiple released genomes further promote the research on genome evolution and its functional relevance. Meanwhile, the state-of-art epigenetics studies go on a genome-wide level. All these research effort would contribute to a better understanding of plants and their interactions with environment, eventually improvements in crop yield and human health.

To promote the understanding and the comprehensive use of plant genome, we dedicate this special issue to the current advances of plant genomics and beyond. Dr. Ge Gao from Peking University) and Dr. Songnian Hu from Beijing Institute of Genomics, CAS are the guest editors for this special issue.

This special issue covers (but not be limited to) the following topics:

Ø Plant genome omics resource: plant genome database, online analysis tools

Ø Plant genome research in China: history, research progress, and the major research groups

Ø Plant genome and phenotype: the strategies for revealing the gene function using multiple genomes

Ø Plant domestication: the progress and study guidelines for sampling, sequencing and analysis

Ø Plant genome dynamics: strategies for studying plant genome dynamics

Ø Plant epigenetics: variation and functional relevance of epigenetic modifications in plant growth, development, and stress responses

Ø Review for genome projects on special plant type, such as trees, crops, and medicinal plants

Ø Plant genome bioinformatics: computational tools for decoding plant genome with large genome size

Ø Cutting-edge technologies in plant genomics research

Original studies, reviews, methods, databases, webservers, application notes, etc. are all welcome. The deadline of submissions to this special issue is October 31, 2017. Accepted manuscripts will be published free of charge. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the Guide for Authors of the journal website and submitted online at #/GPB/login. Please indicate that your submission is for Plant Genomics special issue.

For further information, please contact us:

Dr. Ge Gao (;

Dr. Songnian Hu (

Editorial Office (

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